Sponsors & Partners

Thank you to all who have contributed to this program’s growth and impact.

Without your ongoing support we would never have been able to come so far. Your generosity means that you understand just how valuable Bridging Teams and Bridges Peterborough Programming can be to under-resourced folks in the community and to those wanting to create a more stable life.

Founding Partners

Community Partners

Other Generous Donors Include:

Otto & Marie Pick Charitable Foundation, K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation, J.P. Bickell Foundation, Pilkington-Henniger Charitable Trust, Barbara Elliott Trust Fund, J. & T. Family Patterson Foundation c/o Toronto United Church Council, United Church of Canada Mission & Service Fund / Mission Support Grant Region 11, Embracing Spirit Seed Grant, Seeds of Hope Foundation, Vancouver Foundation, Kymar Foundation, D. Walsh

And to those who have contributed their time & service — We thank you!

Many Thanks to

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