Bridges Out Of Poverty - Program Framework

About Bridges Out of Poverty

Bridges Peterborough offers Bridges out of Poverty workshops & orientations to community groups, churches, social service organizations and as a part of becoming involved with Bridging Teams.

Government, education, correctional and social service institutions are overwhelmed by the increasing needs of people living in poverty.

Bridges Out of Poverty is a highly successful citizen-led initiative being used by 370 communities across North America and overseas.

Bridges Peterborough is excited to be part of the Peterborough-wide Bridges Out of Poverty strategy, a growing network of organizations and individuals working to bridge the poverty gap in our community.


Let us know if your group or organization is interested in booking a certified trained Bridges Out of Poverty speaker. 

And, for more on the Bridges Out of Poverty process, including training materials, case studies, and statistical information, click here:

For more information, to volunteer, or to donate in support of this life changing work, call or text us at 705-957-2545 or email

The whole YouTube channel is good to share....

The whole YouTube channel is good to share....