EDGEy Conversations – Changing the Narrative of Poverty

Now working alongside with Bridges Peterborough programming, Bedford House started a journey many years ago of what it looks like to be in deep relationship with people with lived experience of poverty and how does that change ourselves in order to change the world. Since then they have continued to experiment with Bridges Out of Poverty cohorts and this has emerged into Storyteller Catalysts who actively tell the story of our shared abundance and that it is a lack of imagination rather than resources that perpetuates poverty.

This has led to a podcast that actively tells this message as well as giving space for personal stories to be shared. In this week’s EDGEy Conversation, we sat down with the Storyteller Catalysts who all started the gathering by requesting a checkin. Each person gave an update and all others listened attentively. Not to judge or suggest things, but to be present with each other and give space to say what was on our hearts and minds. Only then were we ready to start.

Laura started us off of her personal journey, Greg was able to name how he was connected to everyone around the screen, Todd acknowledged the importance of changing himself to change the world, LA highlighted that this work was about relationships, and Allan offered that what was needed was imagination.

When asked about what’s next, there were many ideas! Imagination was not a challenge with this group! Looking forward to hearing what Bedford House & their Bridging Teams comes up with next. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDQl8p0qynk&list=PLkSKxzUoYDbXCMTJqWUFHu8hpbWsNsatu