Who are The Catalysts 

They are a group of storytellers composed of people wanting to change the conversation about poverty.

The Catalysts craft stories of lived experience focused on areas of passion such as health care, animal rights, education, the law, and the arts; to explain how poverty influences all aspects of these areas. Drawing from lived experience, these stories are thoughtfully shared as part of the Bridging learning and education around poverty and privilege. The Catalysts have become leaders towards changing the conversation abut poverty.

Founded and funded through Bedford House, a community ministry of the United Church, Catalysts continue to be guided with a shared societal goal of changing the conversation about poverty that extends beyond money.

Once a month the Catalysts co-host the Neighbours Network gathering to connect with the community we are building.

The Network also serves as an open invitation to those interested in being part of our community or wanting to create their own community and become change-makers in the interest of changing the conversation around poverty.


Key focus of a catalyst storytellers group

  • To be catalysts for social change that allows people living in poverty to lead more humanistic lives.
  • To provide audiences a catalyst for making positive steps toward changing their attitudes about poverty.
  • To use stories and delve deeper into the simple steps we can take and make people’s lives better.
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Who are we?

We are a group of storytellers honing our craft, speaking our truths about life in Canada being poor - or “living in Canada while being poor” or “life in poverty in Canada.”.  Our goal is to target larger institutions with our stories where we humanize the issue of poverty.

We operate out of Bedford House and Bridges Peterborough and bring with us all that they offer!  The Bridging Teams experience  provides a model  for  groups, churches, or organizations to better connect with their most marginalized members.

Our stories will also spark the interest in our Bridging Teams.  Some of our members will dedicate themselves to facilitating the next crew of “Catalysts” or the "Company of Conversation Changers" (a social enterprise of dedicated and passionate people currently living in poverty) and community members wanting to be participants in positive social change.

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Learn more about the Catalysts Storyteller Group

What we are offering:

Bridges Peterborough has an opportunity to create a small team of storytellers in support of developing a Neighbour Network; reducing stigma, isolation, and barriers to a stable life.

The Position:

  • Catalyst Intern (You will be a catalyst and ambassador toward changing the conversation around poverty)


  • Lived experience with poverty (generational or situational)
  • Understanding of Bridges Out of Poverty and or Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World concepts: (eg. 4 causes of poverty / hidden rules of class / 11 essential resources)
  • Able to articulate through personal stories the above concepts.
  • Available some daytime hours for team meetings / occasional evenings and wknds for speaking engagements.
  • Interested in working and learning in a small team to develop materials.


  • Working effectively in a small team
  • Helping to develop written materials
  • Helping develop interactive workshops
  • Attend and speak at various community engagements re: Bridging Teams and Changing the Conversation about Poverty.

Send an email-of-interest to support@bridgespeterborough.ca