Dear Friend, 

At a Neighbours Network meeting this fall, Matt Barlow, one of our newest Catalysts (Team members with lived-experience of poverty) told us that he feels he’s become part of a Revolution of Kindness. 
Right now our Team is working to raise $2,400 in monthly donations and $10,000 in one-time gifts before year-end to support the heart-work of Catalysts. Through our Team’s work this fall, we are halfway towards this goal! If you have already given, Thank you!!
We thank you for being part of the new story all of our collective efforts are creating. If you’d like to learn more, or feel called to contribute to our small corner of the revolution, please click HERE link to now.
May this Solstice bring new light to you, yours, and the world – and this year, may we share in the Joy of building the new reality our hearts know is possible. 
Miriam Liba, Director of Community Relations and
Matt Barlow , Catalyst
on behalf of the slow-growing Bridges community
Solstice, 2021
P.S. All the information you need to give is here LINK TO Thank you.
Allan Smith-Reeve
Bridges Peterborough