Story Studies


December 13, 2021

Dear Friend, At a Neighbours Network meeting this fall, Matt Barlow, one of our newest Catalysts (Team members with lived-experience of poverty) told us that he feels he’s become part of…

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EDGEy Conversations – Changing the Narrative of Poverty

February 18, 2021

Now working alongside with Bridges Peterborough programming, Bedford House started a journey many years ago of what it looks like to be in deep relationship with people with lived experience…

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A Failure of Imagination

November 24, 2020

Allan David Smith-Reeve, September 6, 2019 Instead of working to “fix” poverty and “the poor” – which is not working no matter how many resources we throw at it. Why…

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How does wealth isolate us?

August 24, 2020

Reverend Allan Smith-Reeve, August 2020  “Loneliness and social isolation are now being recognized as public health issues in Ontario. In his recent report, Connected Communities: Healthier Together. Ontario’s Chief Medical…

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Collage image of mind mapping


April 3, 2020

Story(telling) as part of the Bridging Team Process helping us to understand who we are today — and the art of practicing humanity How can we awaken more humanity in…

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Learning to live without

March 27, 2020

Allan David Smith-Reeve, Thursday March 27th, 2020 While Conservatives are dreaming about how we might get used to smaller governments, Socialists are dreaming of a re-focussed social safety net for…

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A screen capture of the group's Zoom call

Silver Linings

March 24, 2020

Allan David Smith-Reeve, Thursday March 19th, 2020 My dad remembers the Polio epidemic. While it was most virulent between 1949 and ‘54 before the Salk vaccine was developed, there was…

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From Mentor to Ally

January 24, 2020

or… Working myself out of a Job Allan David Smith-Reeve, January 2019 When I was first employed in the Poverty Business, an industry that employs tens of thousands of Canadians,…

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Gift Economy

January 21, 2020

Allan David Smith-Reeve, January 21, 2020 She wondered “How do we get from where we are to where we want to be?”. We were having breakfast with a friend of…

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A Hero’s story about how poverty is not the problem…

November 3, 2019

Allan Smith-Reeve, November 2019 Once upon a time, there was a very curious person living in a beautiful city with a river running through it. This person, though they did…

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