Welcome to The Storyteller Catalysts - Conversation Changers Podcast

We are a group of Storyteller Catalysts composed of people wanting to change the conversation about poverty.

We are crafting our stories to target each of our areas of passion such as health care, animal rights, education, the law, and the arts; to explain how poverty influences all aspects of these areas.

Production Team

Laura W., Todd C., Rebecca T., Matt B.

Placement Students who've helped us along the way:

Adele C., Camille D.

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Episode 1

Conversation Changers Podcast - An Introduction to Laura, Todd and & L.A.

In our first episode, we're introduced to our two hosts, Todd and Laura. Here we learn about who the Conversation Changers are and what they're about. We're here to change the conversation about poverty in Peterborough, Ontario and beyond!

Group of people learning from instructor at front of the room

Episode 2

Conversation Changers Podcast - Tell us about a "Shit Storm"! (Part 1)

In our second episode, we talk about how to tell a story, and speak with one of the Bridging Team program co-founders, Lynn Smith-Reeve. She dives right into a time in her life where she and her family deal with one hell of a "shit storm"!

Lynn Allan-triangle

Episode 3

Conversation Changers Podcast - Tell us about a "Shit Storm"! (Part 2)

In Episode three, we continue down the path of the shit storm and talk to Allan Smith-Reeve. Allan is one of the other co-founders of Bedford House and the Bridging Teams Program. Under the Bridges Peterborough umbrella, he collaborates with a collective of people in the community to support The Storyteller Catalysts journey, along with Bridging Teams and Neighbour's Network.


Episode 4

Conversation Changers Podcast - We're Speaking with David Marshall

In Episode four, we're speaking to Bridging Team Mentor, David Marshall. Part one of the "Mentor Series" —

David shares his insights with Todd and Laura around life, community and being part of the BT group.

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Episode 7

Conversation Changers Podcast

We're Speaking with Todd Coombes!

In Episode seven, Laura interviews Todd about his experience with juvenile onset diabetes.

Todd is a past Bridging Team Catalyst and current Mentor for the virtual Bridging Team Lab. Todd has been with Bedford House and Bridges Peterborough from the beginning.
Todd is also one of the Writers and Animators for the Conversation Changers Podcast. He presently resides as Treasurer with the Company of Conversation Changers, a new social innovation inspired through the work and relationships built alongside Bridges Peterborough.

Episode 5

Conversation Changers Podcast - Sharing Stories around Religous Gatherings

Content Warning: This episode contains content that may be alarming to some listeners. Please check the show notes below for more detailed descriptions and take care of yourself.

In this episode, Laura, Todd, and LA describe their different experiences attending Greenwood United Church on Zoom.

They also each share personal details from their past experiences with religious gatherings and how their attitudes towards them have changed over time.

Please be advised that some subject matter deals with past trauma past child and sexual abuse. Listener discretion is advised.


Episode 6

Conversation Changers Podcast - Part 2 in the Mentor Series with guest, Mary Gordon.

We're thrilled to be speaking with Mary Gordon! Mary was a Mentor in the Pilot Bridging Team in 2016/17.

This episode is part two in our "mentor series" -- Laura and Todd
interview speak with Mary about herself and her involvement with Bridges Peterborough.

Shout out to the CCC Podcasters Production Team!
LA Wheeler did a great job splicing together moments of casual conversation into the introduction and conclusion and combining it with music and it sounds great. Thanks LA.

Episode 8

Conversation Changers Podcast Talking about Language!

In this episode Laura and Todd discuss the importance of Language.  They share their experiences of understanding when to say the right thing and when to drop an F bomb!

Episode 9

Conversation Changers Podcast Speaking with the Bridges Peterborough Placement Student about the importance of community connection and mental health.

In this episode Todd and Laura interview Adele, a placement student
who has been working with Bridges Peterborough. Adele’s contributions
and energy are highly valued by those she works with.

Episode 10

Conversation Changers Podcast

In this episode, join Todd, Rebecca, Laura, Adele, Lynn and Allan as we talk about therapy and the value of being well connected to one's therapist. We also have a montage of comments on the varieties of talk therapy.

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