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You don’t have to join a Bridging Team to be part of Bridges Peterborough. You can help change the conversation about poverty in our Ambassador Program

If you….

  • have a busy life with all your strong community connections.
  • really “get it”, and want to make a difference in your community.
  • have great connections inside and outside Peterborough.

You’d make a perfect ambassador. Dinner parties, presentations, social media sharing - these are some of the ways you can help us spread the word about Bridges Peterborough.

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You can also host A Zoomable Feast! 

Invite your friends to join us online and we'll come to you.

We set up the whole experience for you by inviting a Presenter, a couple of the Catalysts to assist in facilitating the event,  share in our programming, and stories of lived experience so that the learning is immersive. And we'll offer all the different ways YOU can best support and/or become part of changing the conversation.

“I travel a lot, so I can’t join a Bridging Team”, says one Ambassador. “So helping to organize this program is exciting - I feel like I’m really helping my community.”

Another Ambassador says she loves bringing the subject up with her summer-cottage friends, and seeing the way they respond to the Bridges stories and videos.