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From the small base of Bedford House, we are growing into a network - the start of a broad community movement that will span poverty and privilege. If you’re one of the many community organizations, businesses, or individuals working to ease the burdens of poverty in our community, you can leverage our Bridging Team model to speed things along.

We started with a few faith communities (e.g.Greenwood United Church, Unitarians, Trinity United Church, Lutheran Deaconesses) for our first Bridging Team, and then to The Mount Community Centre for our second.

Some community groups may use our Bridging Teams model to implement their own programs, such as the John Howard Society, Clean Slate Enterprises, or the Employment Planning and Counselling Centre.

Other organizations  such as Transition Town, For Our Grandchildren, and the Basic Income Working Group may tap into our resources and evaluation statistics to amplify their own advocacy.

Corporations, unions, service clubs, faith communities, and many other potential partners may choose to donate goods, services, volunteers, or funds to support new Bridging Teams across the region.

Contact us for ideas on how you can leverage our resources, and how we can join forces to build a strong community movement.

Founding Partners